As a best-selling ghostwriter, I am happy to consider any project.  My main ghostwriting interests are in autobiography, biography, memoirs and history.  However, I enjoy learning about new things and love a challenge, so try me with your idea.  Anything you tell me will remain entirely confidential.

“Writers should be read, but neither seen nor heard.” 
Daphne du Maurier

What is ghostwriting?

In its simplest terms, ghostwriting is any piece of writing undertaken by another person on your behalf and published in your name.  This could be anything from a full-length autobiography, memoir, biography, or ‘how to’ book, to a shorter business promotion booklet or an article in a magazine or journal.  The writing will be written as if it is yours, with your words incorporated and in your distinctive ‘voice’.

How does it work?

Firstly, you contact a ghostwriter such as myself to talk through your ideas, perhaps ask for advice and see if that ghostwriter is interested in taking on your project.

If you contact me, we will have some initial discussion by email or by phone.  This will help me to gauge the extent of your project and how much work might be involved.  If you have any written material to send me, that would help too, but it isn’t essential.  If I am able to take on your proposal, I will want to meet you, if that can be arranged.  If not, we can talk some more on the phone or internet.  It is important to us both to see how well we can work together, with trust and mutual confidence.

During that first meeting, you can ask me any questions you may have about how writing the book will work.  I will talk you through all the publishing and payment options and the different stages of the process.   Anything you tell me during this meeting will be fully confidential, whether you decide to take me on as your ghostwriter or not.

How long will it take?

From the interview stage, when I will record your memories or ideas, through the research, planning, writing, revising and editing processes, I usually allow approximately six months to ghostwrite a full-length book (about 75,000 to 100,000 words), but it may take longer if there is a lot of research to do, if you are not easily available for interviews with me, or if there is much travel involved.  A shorter book will probably take less time.

How much will it cost?

We will discuss payment at our initial meeting. I don’t have a set fee as it varies from one project to another, depending on the amount of work involved and what publishing option seems best.  However, I can assure you that I don’t do ghostwriting to get rich, I do it above all because I love it.

What will you, the author, be expected to do?

Talk openly with me (in confidence) about your ideas and aspirations for this proposed project. Be available for some interview sessions at the beginning, and perhaps provide written notes if you have them.  I will ask you to provide any photos, diaries, letters or other materials that may help.  You (or your representative) will need to read and approve the book when it is finished and tell me any changes you want me to make.

What will I, the ghostwriter, do?

I will undertake every activity that forms part of writing the book itself, including liaison with you and keeping you informed of progress, revising and editing, marketing it to agent/publishers and offering help, support and advice if you wish in promoting the book.

What about confidentiality?

One of the crucial aspects of ghostwriting is that it can and often must be a ‘secret’ activity.  So if you, the author of a ghostwritten book, prefer it that way, I am the ‘invisible’ writer.  I guarantee complete confidentiality about anything you tell me that you would prefer not to be in the book.    You will have full right of veto.  Anything you want me to remove, I will.  Any amendments you want me to make, I will.

What are the publishing options?

How a book is published depends on who you want to read it.  If for the family, or a group of clients, it can be privately published, or self-published.  For the wider public, you might wish to have it commercially published.  I have a good agent and I may be able to help you find a publisher if the subject is strong enough.  With a publishing deal you could receive an advance and/or royalties. Alternatively, your book could be self-published or e-published and, if successful, may recoup its initial outlay.  We can talk through these options in more detail when we meet.

Do contact me to discuss your own project, or any queries you may have.