As former Series Editor of two national magazines and with a long history of editing other people’s work, I am happy to offer a professional editing service for you.

If you look up the term ‘editing’ you will see a range of confusing definitions.  These are the main types of editing I do:

Proof-reading – checking through on either the printer’s proofs or the final version of your own document or manuscript to identify and amend any spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors, including ‘typos’.
Copy-editing – as above, together with the removal of repetitions and any necessary re-ordering of your words to aid clarity of meaning.
Substantive editing – as above, plus sorting out any confusions (e.g. between information given in different chapters) revising sections to aid understanding or readability, plus any additional revisions to enhance the coherence, clarity and flow of the narrative as a whole.

If you have written a book, article, dissertation, poetry or have found some letters or diaries that need sorting out and editing for publication, do contact me for an initial discussion, to see if I can help with your project and what it will cost.


Copywriting means to write the text (or copy) of any of the following:
Advertising or promotion materials – flyers, adverts, brochures, magazine articles, conference notes or prospectuses.
Other copywriting projects – the text for your website, a difficult letter, a ‘how to’ article, a newsletter or a company report.

The fee for copywriting varies according to the extent and difficulty of the task, so I would need to discuss that with you on an individual case basis.  Contact me and we can talk it through together.