About Me

My name is Jacquie Buttriss and I live in Sussex. I have been a professional writer for many years and have also worked in publishing, education and business.

I now specialise in ghostwriting.  I love meeting people and listening to their stories, so I’m happy to travel, to meet you and discuss your project.

One of my passions is family history.  If you would like a book writtten about the life or deeds of  your ancestor(s), contact me to talk it through.

My Writing and Editing Experience

Over the last 30 years I have had more than 60 books published. Four of my ghostwritten books have topped the bestseller charts, including two in the Sunday Times top ten for several weeks.  One of these was the ‘Best-selling Non-Fiction Book of the Year’ in Canada. 

I was the editor of two magazines and have had more than 170 articles published in national newspapers and magazines. I was also the writer/researcher for an educational charity.  I am a long-time member of the Society of Authors and co-chair of its regional group.

My Ghostwriting

People from all backgrounds have always fascinated me.  I love to learn about their exploits and motivations, their aspirations and achievements, their obstacles and how they overcame them – both moving and inspiring.  So it seemed a natural progression to become a ghostwriter, which I love.  Will your book be my next best-seller?

Recent ghostwriting projects include:

  • The memoirs of two sisters with contrasting lives, finally united.
  • The autobiography of a pioneer in prison education.
  • A previously untold story of WW2 Italy.
  • The experiences of a WW2 PoW on the Burma railway.
  • Two books by a foster-mum of hundreds of children, over nearly 50 years.
  • The harrowing memoir of an English  kidnap victim, held captive and abused for 13 years in middle England.
  • The story of an abandoned baby, left to died by the canal on a freezing winter’s night.
  • The nostalgic journey of a feisty young girl through the streets and dance-halls of 1920s-40s Blackburn – the joys of youth and the tragedies of war.

My Editing and Copy-writing

Recent editing projects include:

  • The report of an innovative mentoring project and its outcomes
  • The text of a book for private publication

Recent copy-writing includes:

  • The copy (text) for three websites
  • Articles for a professional organisation
  • leaflets and adverts