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Secret Slave in Sunday Times Top Ten

Anna Ruston’s brave book Secret Slave is number 5 in this week’s Sunday Times Bestsellers Top Ten after only three days of sales. Blink, the publishers, are delighted with this great degree of success in only it’s first week of publication.  It certainly has people talking and many parents making sure their children are more aware and more prepared when they venture out.

Anna decided to contact me to ghostwrite her book on the suggestion of her therapist and she says working with me on this book to tell her story for the first time has been the best therapy she’s had.  She hopes it will help prevent other teenagers from being kidnapped and also that it will prompt more training of police, NHS and social services staff to look for the signs and not be afraid to report what they suspect.

Secret Slave becomes a bestseller on publication day!

‘Secret Slave’, by Anna Ruston (with Jacquie Buttriss) is a shocking account of Anna’s kidnapping at the age of 15 and being kept captive in an ordinary house, in an ordinary street, for 13 years, until she finally found the opportunity … and the courage, to escape.  After all those years of horrific sexual and physical abuse, during which she was pimped to many men, had her babies sold and suffered many injuries, she was too fearful to tell anyone what happened to her.  Now, at last, many years later, as part of her therapy, she has dared to share her story.

On publication day, 29th December 2016, ‘Secret Slave’ was featured on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme and on the front and inside pages of the Daily Mirror.  The following day more than forty other daily newspapers reported her story and politicians were interviewed for campaigning editorials, wanting to raise awareness and to prevent such situations happening in the future.

On publication day, ‘Secret Slave’ shot up to number 1 bestselling memoir on Amazon.  By the afternoon of that first day, they sold out of books and the publishers had to order a reprint.  On their site, Amazon picked ‘Secret Slave’ as their “hot bestseller”.