Monthly Archives: March 2014

A year in the top twenty

It is one year today since the publication of ‘My Secret Sister’ by Helen Edwards and Jenny Lee Smith, ghostwritten by Jacquie Buttriss, and after more than four months at number one on Amazon Kindle and Amazon Biographies, it still remains in the top 20 today (at number 13 on Biographies and Memoirs).

Helen and Jenny themselves did a very good interview again yesterday on Radio 5 Live, for an item entitled ‘How the Internet Changed my Life’.  It has changed theirs in more ways than one!

Congratulations to them both for the superb success of their book.  I knew it was an amazing story the day I first met them, and the great reading public has proved it.

Publisher’s Auction!

Trisha Merry’s Four Waifs on Our Doorstep has been the subject of an exciting auction between seven different publishers, going up day by day over more than a week, until finally a two book deal was secured by Simon and Schuster.  All of this before I have even ghostwritten the first book!  It’s been a surreal time, with seven publishers going down to five, all of whom kept bidding right up to the final decision, beautifully managed by agent Clare Hulton.

I am thoroughly enjoying the writing of this heart-warming memoir of a family of four, fostered then adopted by Trisha and her husband, just when they thought they had retired.

Four Waifs on Our Doorstep is due to be published in April 2015, with the next book to follow on.