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30 days number 1 on Amazon biographies

The ebook of ‘My Secret Sister’ has so far been the number one bestseller on the Amazon biographies and memoirs chart for 30 days.  The printed book is still appearing week by week in the Sunday Times bestsellers too!  There have been so many lovely, heartwarming messages in Amazon’s reviews – the book has clearly touched many people, especially those who themselves are or have been searching for family members and also those who have been adopted.

Helen and Jenny always had in mind from the start their wishes for this book.  The main one was to share their story with other people … and that wish is certainly being successfully fulfilled.  Their other wish was to be able to encourage and help anyone who has been in similar situations to themselves.  This also is being fulfilled as people are writing in to their website about their stories and  Helen and Jenny are answering these messages.  ‘My Secret Sister’ has clearly sparked a lot of interest.


Seven weeks so far in Sunday Times top ten!

‘My Secret Sister’ has been more successful so far than any of us could have reasonably expected!  The book version has been in the Sunday Times general paperback bestsellers top ten for the past seven weeks – since it was published on 14th March.  It is still there this week at number 6 and its highest placement on this chart was number 3.

The book version was also at number 2 on the Waterstones autobiographies chart for more than a fortnight – it’s now dropped to number 3.

However, the Kindle version has been number 1 on the Amazon bestselling biographies chart for the past twelve days and still remains there now.

Since My Secret Sister has also been published in most other English speaking countries, as well as across Europe, including Russia where Helen and Jenny had TV promotion, filmed by a Russian crew over here, we await foreign sales figures with interest.

The most heartening aspect of this success is that people with family rifts, separations or adoptions have been helped so much by reading this book, as so many of the Amazon reviews show, and some of them have been in touch directly with Helen and Jenny through their website (see my links page).