Monthly Archives: April 2013

Talking about ghostwriting

My wonderful local independent bookseller, the Steyning Bookshop,  put on an evening event one evening last week to celebrate the success of my recently published ghostwritten book, ‘My Secret Sister’, which has become a bestseller straight away.  Helen and Jenny, the two subjects of the book, have been on a frenetic promotion tour and I have been able to stay in the background and enjoy watching, hearing and reading about them.

However, they were both happy for me to do the local event, here in Steyning, so Sara, the bookshop owner, put on an evening do with wine and lovely nibbles.  I did a talk about ghostwriting the book, answered a variety of excellent questions from the friendly audience, then did some signings afterwards.

It was a lovely evening and everyone was very interested in the book and in the sisters themselves.  We sold a lot of books, with several people going out of the door carrying two or three copies, all of which I had signed with personal messages, so it was a successful event.

Since then, Jenny and Helen did a busy book-signing session in the Morpeth branch of Waterstones, where ‘My Secret Sister’ is now their bestselling book, and next weekend, on Saturday 6th April, they will do a similar event at Tenterden in Kent.