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‘My Secret Sister’ is officially a bestseller

Today we heard from Macmillan’s Editorial Director that ‘My Secret Sister’ is number 6 on the Sunday Times Bestsellers chart for non-fiction books and that this means we are “bestselling authors.”  This is quite a surprise as it was apparently based on last week’s sales, which is amazing, considering the book was only published on Thursday.

Helen Edwards and Jenny Lee Smith are currently doing the rounds of interviews and signings.  Helen will be taking the train down to London again tomorrow evening, where Jenny will join her from Kent so that they can arrive early at the ITV studios and get made up ready for their appearance on the sofa of the ‘This Morning’ show on Thursday morning.  There is a long list of other appearances over the next two weeks after that.

There have so far been only two reviews of ‘My Secret Sister’ on Amazon, but both of those are 5 star reviews, so that’s a great start.  It was a book that I thoroughly enjoyed ghostwriting and am delighted for the two authors themselves.



Publication day and it’s already a best-seller!

Today is officially the publication day for ‘My Secret Sister’, the memoir of Helen Edwards and Jenny Lee Smith, of which I was the ghostwriter.  Yesterday, pre-publication, this book shot into the top 100 best-seller biographies at number 17, which we are all thrilled about.  This changes every day, so I’m sure it will have its ups and downs.

There is a media frenzy, almost literally, since the publication of double-page feature articles in both The Guardian’s Family section and the Daily Mail, as well as some local TV coverage in the past few days.  More articles, radio and TV broadcasts are scheduled in and both the sisters are dashing about the country trying to fit it all in!

Top journalists and media commissioners have been very complimentary about “an enthralling new book” (Joanna Moorhead).  “The media in London is buzzing for this” said one, whilst another said “We will do anything to have you on our show.”  That refers to Helen and Jenny of course.

As ghostwriter of this book, I am thoroughly enjoying being able to watch all the fun of Helen and Jenny’s interviews and hearing the behind the scenes anecdotes, without having to stray from a warm house where I can get on with what I love- writing more books about interesting people and their fascinating stories.

‘My Secret Sister’ is available in both paperback and e-book formats in bookshops and online.  There is a link to it in on Amazon in my last blog posting.

Promotion is building up!

Over the past few days, and onwards into next week, both Helen and Jenny are busily  promoting ‘My Secret Sister’ through a schedule of interviews and appearances, in newspapers, magazines and television.  They’re doing a grand job!

The first interview to be published will be a feature article in the Family section of The Guardian on Saturday 9th March.  Following that will be other articles in the English press, plus interviews being recorded tomorrow for both the Australian ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ magazine and the ‘Melbourne Age’.  Watch out for them too on the morning  TV sofas next week!

‘My Secret Sister’, ghostwritten by me, will be published in paperback by Pan Macmillan on Thursday 14th March 2013, in the UK and most English-speaking countries across the world.