Monthly Archives: February 2013

Book in hand!

My Secret Sister front cover

The very first copy of a book I ghostwrote, My Secret Sister, has arrived and looks great.  We are all delighted with it – Macmillan have done a grand job.

My Secret Sister, by Helen Edwards and Jenny Lee Smith will be published on March 14th 2013 and is now available for pre-order on Amazon, WHSmith and several other booksellers’ sites.  Do please add a review when you’ve read it.

My Secret Sister – printed and on its way

I’m now waiting for my first copy of ‘My Secret Sister’ from Pan Macmillan, a book I ghostwrote for two sisters with contrasting lives, previously unknown to each other, who have since discovered many secrets and lies that completely change everything they thought they knew about their own family.

Meanwhile, plans are in progress for the book’s promotion by its authors: Helen Edwards and Jenny Lee Smith, with likely appearances on various TV sofas and a range of other launch events.

‘My Secret Sister’ is due to be published in paperback on 14th March and interest is already hotting up, a month ahead of publication, with the publishers having to order a second print run already!  The big supermarkets have ordered thousands of copies for sale and many other outlets have also put in good advance orders, which is why a second print run is needed before the first has even arrived!

Both Macmillan and our agent feel these are all very good signs of potential success, so the authors and I are keeping everything crossed!