Monthly Archives: April 2012

Editorial meeting success

As ghostwriter for a book that I’ve enjoyed working on for many months, it is very rewarding to go through the stages of getting the book published.  The two sisters who took me on as their ghostwriter last year have been on tenterhooks all week, as have I.  Today we heard that yesterday’s editorial meeting at Pan Macmillan “went very well” and they have recommended the book for publication.  It now goes to the business department for the next stage of the process, leading up to a final decision.  We hope to hear more in a couple of weeks or so.

Meeting at Pan Macmillan

On Friday morning I met the two authors of the last book I ghostwrote, together with our agent, at the London Offices of Pan Macmillan, where we had a very good meeting with Editorial Director Ingrid Connnell.    It was great to meet her.  We all felt the discussion had gone well and hope the book project is well received by the editorial meeting this Thursday.

Coming soon

Welcome to my blog.  Over the coming months I will add news!